Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Deformation and Fracture of Nano-sculptured Thin Film
T. Kitamura, T. Sumigawa

Last modified: 2013-05-07


The mechanical property of a sculptured thin film has been investigatedin this project, and the focus is put on the deformation and fracture. Using anexperimental method we proposed, the deformation property of a thin filmconsisting of Ta2O5 nano-springs is evaluated. The thin film show strongdeformation anisotropy that solid ones could hardly attain. The fact that the thinfilm eliminates stress singularity at the interface edge between dissimilarmaterials is analytically elucidated, and interface crack initiation and propagationexperiments are carried out. Both of them are governed by an apparent allowablestrain of the nanosprings at the edges.

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