Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Influence of Hold Times on Fatigue Life and Fracture Behavior of Cast Superalloy INCONEL 713LC at 700°C
K. Obrtlík, J. Man, M. Petrenec, J. Polák, T. Podrábský

Last modified: 2013-05-06


The influence of tensile strain holds on fatigue life and fracture behavior in cast nickel-based superalloy INCONEL 713 LC was studied under symmetrical total strain cycling at 700 °C in air.
The microstructure of the superalloy is documented. Continuous cycling and cycling with 10 min dwell in the tensile tip of the hysteresis loop were applied to cylindrical specimens. Surface topography, fracture surface and specimen sections were observed in SEM.
Fatigue life in Manson-Coffin and Basquin representation in cycling with dwells is reduced in comparison with continuous cycling. Pure fatigue and pure creep data are used to analyze the fatigue damage with dwells. Surface relief and fracture surface observations reveal the change in damage mechanisms with the introduction of dwells. Density of slip markings in cycling with dwells decreases in comparison with continuous cycling.

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