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An Application of the Passive Electric Potential CT Method for Identification of Plural Delaminations in a Composite Material
Shiro Kubo, Takahide Sakagam, Sayo Yamaguchi, Kensaku Nakatani

Last modified: 2013-05-06


The passive electric potential CT method was applied to the identification of plural delaminations in a composite material. The piezoelectric film was pasted on the surface of CFRP composite material subjected to three-point bending. The effect of the location of delaminations on electric potential on piezoelectric film was investigated. A hierarchical inversion scheme was proposed for identification of plural delaminations. For the estimation of the number of delaminations the Akaike information criterion was used. Numerical simulations were made to investigate the applicability of the passive electric potential CT method for the identification of plural delaminations from electric potential observed on the piezoelectric film. It was found that the present method was useful for the identification of the plural delaminations in the composite material.

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