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Hybrid Moiré Method for Three-dimensional Stress Analysis
S. Ri, T. Numayama, M. Saka

Last modified: 2013-05-06


For evaluating reliability of structures, it is important to
know the distributions of displacement, strain and stress. In this paper, a
hybrid moiré method, which combines full-field measurement technique,
i.e. sampling moiré method, and finite element (FE) analysis for
determining the boundary conditions of loading force and position is
proposed. The distribution of displacement measured by sampling moiré
method is compared with the analyzed result based on elastic FE
analysis at assumptive boundary conditions. The error between the
displacement distributions of experimentally obtained and FE analysis is
corrected so as to make it minimum by changing the boundary
conditions of loading force and position. Experimental results show that
the loading force and position can be evaluated accurately using the
proposed method. Once the appropriate boundary conditions are
determined, three-dimensional distributions of strain and stress are easily
obtained by FE analysis for evaluating reliability of structures.

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