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Experimental Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Ice Slurry
M. Boumaza

Last modified: 2013-05-06


Ice slurry which is considered as an environmental friendly refrigerant is a phasechanging
fluid consisting of both a liquid and solid-state fraction. It has higher
transport properties. It is difficult to measure its characteristics with a desired
accuracy due to its structure. Aging, shape and size of the ice particles which
change with time are phenomenon that affect thermal and rupture properties.
The objectives of this paper are to determine experimental rheological
characteristics and pressure drops of ice slurry with concentration of glycol mono
propylene. The results show that pressure drops increase with ice mass fraction,
and with the velocity. The critical shear stress is very low, for ice concentration
above 15 %. If the initial solute concentration (xi) < 14 %, the refrigerant behaves
as a non Newtonian fluid which can be modeled by the Ostwald law. These results
enable to predict the behavior and understand structures of ice slurry.

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