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Practical Advantages of the Local Strain Energy Approach for Fatigue Strength Assessments of Welded Joints
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin, M. Zappalorto, F.J. Gómez

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Dealing with the notch stress intensity approach applied to the fatigue
assessment of welded joints, the weld toe is modelled as a sharp V-notch. While
the Notch Stress Intensity Factors (NSIFs) evaluation requires a very accurate
mesh in the vicinity of the point of singularity, which is the weakness of the
approach in the presence of complex structures, the mean value of the elastic
Strain Energy Density (SED) on the control volume can be determined with high
precision by using a coarse mesh. This property of SED is analysed in the present
paper by using a number of FE models with very different mesh refinements.
Both bi-dimensional and three-dimensional welded details have been considered.

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