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Fatigue Cracking Behavior in Aluminum 7050
Min Hui Huang, Min Liao, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Under a tension-compression loading condition applied with the frequency
of 10Hz and stress ratio of 0.1, the fatigue behavior of the notched aluminum
7050-T7452 coupons was studied using scanning electron microscope (SEM), and
SEM-based automated electron back-scatter diffraction (EBSD) that generates
images of orientation of grains. The grain microstructure was determined with
optical microscope (OM) by employing the lineal intercept method. OM
observation demonstrates that the alloy is having a deformation band-based
microstructure. The fatigue crack nucleates at grains with high angle (>15 degrees)
misorientation in the area characterized by a weak texture and propagates

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