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Experimental Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors along Three Dimensional Crack Fronts during Fatigue Tests
J. Réthoré, N. Limodin, J.-Y. Buffi`eres, A. Gravouil, F. Hild, S. Roux

Last modified: 2013-05-03


The paper presents a method to investigate experimentally 3D fatigue cracks using
X-ray micro-tomographic 3D images. The studied material is a spheroidal graphite
cast iron whose “texture” is used to estimate 3D displacement fields using digital
image correlation. The correlation algorithm uses a finite element description of the
displacement field. To capture the discontinuity at the crack faces, the latter also
incorporates discontinuous enhancements (paralleling X-FEM techniques). The
support of the discontinuity is the rough crack surface whose geometry is obtained
from the correlation residual of the non-enriched finite element image correlation.
From the 3D displacement field, a post-processing technique is used to extract mode
I, II and III stress intensity factors along the crack front.

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