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Dwell-fatigue life of a near-alpha titanium alloy and ultrasonic measurement correlation
L. Toubal, P. Bocher, A. Moreau

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Early failure during dwell-fatigue of titanium alloys is a research of
interest as it directly drives the in-service life of critical parts in turbines. A study
was undertaken to examine the evolution of life and strain in six specimens made
of near-alpha titanium alloy (IMI 834) during dwell-fatigue loading conditions.
The strain accumulation in dwell-fatigue test for one sample was significantly
different. This specimen presents a different ultrasonic response from that of the
other specimens, that is ultrasonic measurements reveal a different macro-texture
for this sample. When this specimen is excluded, it is found that ultrasonic speed
correlates well with dwell-fatigue life for the remaining samples. This paper
evaluates the usefulness of ultrasound waves to predict the strain and the dwellfatigue
life of a titanium alloy.

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