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A Damage Examination Method by C-Scan on CFRP Laminate
H. S. Chen, W. C. Chen, S. F. Hwang

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Because that materials under cyclic loading for a period will present the phenomenon of crack, fatigue or structure failure. This paper aims at the framework of detective process on the experimental fatigue damage growth rate of CFRP laminates and at development of the corresponding damage growth model. In order not to further damage the structure, a C-Scan examination were carried on the specimens which experience an assigned cycles with the specific load conditions and obtained their related surface scanning images. The purposes of this research are to develop a programmed code with an ability to quantify the fatigue damage of the specimens which undergo any specific stress conditions and to establish data base of the damage growth rate of the compound affected by fatigue stress. With the help of this programmed code, it transferred the scanned images into digital images and used the programmed code to evaluate the damaged level of compound material. The obtained results were used to develop the damage growth rate model of the compound. The comparison between the results of this study and other researches had been done, and the detective process on the quantification of the fatigue damage growth rate and the expectation of the remnant fatigue life of the compound were also completed.

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