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The Intensity of Singularity of Residual Thermal Stresses at A Vertex in Three-Dimensional Bonded Structures
H. Koguchi, T. Taniguchi

Last modified: 2013-05-03


The authors have been investigated the characteristic of stress singularity fields at
a vertex on an interface in two- and three-dimensional bonded joints [1,2,3]. It is
well known that stress distribution in stress singularity fields can be expressed as
a function of distance from a stress singular point. In two-dimensional joints, an
angular variation for the stress distribution in a polar coordinate system with an
origin at the stress singular point can be expressed analytically based on the
theory of elasticity [4,5,6,7]. On the contrary, in three-dimensional joints[8], an
angular variation of stress distribution in a spherical coordinate system cannot be
clearly expressed until now. For instance, stress singularity line which is a cross
line with an interface and a side free surface will affect on the stress distribution
near the vertex. Generally, stress distribution in the stress singularity region can
be expressed as follows.

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