Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Effect of Various Shearing Conditions on the Rod Shearing Quality for Large Nuts
G. Y. Tzou, T. M. Wu, M. Z. Yeh

Last modified: 2013-05-03


The cold forging dies are usually designed and manufacturing by the
practical and experimental (P&E) rules in industries. However, carrying out
the dies development and the inspections of work-piece quality based on the
P&E rules cannot satisfy the economic benefits to increase the company cost.
The dies design cannot be improved to reach the amount of production
anticipated. Especially, the processing quality of nuts forging is affected by the
quality of rod shearing. Therefore, the geometrical design of shearing dies is
evaluated according to the normalized Cockroft and Latham ductile fracture
criterion. In this study, the effects of shearing conditions on the shearing
quality have been realized by using the Deform-3D FEM commercial software.
The assessment engineering technology of rod shearing based on computer
aided dies design is established to reach the optimization of rod shearing. A
lot of industry application merits can be done.

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