Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Strain localization analysis deduced from a large strain elasticplastic self-consistent model for multiphase steels
G. Franz, F. Abed-Meraim, T. Ben Zineb, X. Lemoine, M. Berveiller

Last modified: 2013-05-03


In order to investigate the impact of microstructures and deformation
mechanisms on the ductility of materials, the criterion based on bifurcation theory
first proposed by Rice is applied to elastic-plastic tangent moduli derived from a
large strain micromechanical model combined with a self-consistent scale
transition scheme. This approach takes into account several microstructural
aspects for polycrystalline aggregates: initial and induced textures, dislocation
densities, softening mechanisms so that the behavior during complex loading
paths can be accurately described. Based on this formulation, Forming Limit
Diagrams (FLDs) are derived and compared with a reference model for
multiphase steels involving linear and complex loading paths. Furthermore, the
effect of various physical and microstructural parameters on the ductility limit of
a single-phase steel is qualitatively studied with the aim of helping in the design
of new materials.

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