Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Effect of the Lode Parameter on Ductile Fracture
X. Gao, T. Zhang, C. Roe, M. Hayden

Last modified: 2013-05-03


It is well known that stress triaxiality has great influence on the ductile fracture process. But recent micromechanics analyses and experimental-numerical studies have shown that the Lode angle, which can be related to the third invariant of the deviatoric stress tensor, also has significant effect on ductile fracture, especially for situations where the stress triaxiality is low. In this paper, we express a ductile fracture criterion in terms of the equivalent strain to failure as a function of the stress triaxiality and the Lode parameter and calibrate it for a 5083 aluminum plate. Incorporated with a porous plasticity model which takes into account both void volume fraction and void shape and using the computational cell approach, this new ductile fracture model enables accurate predictions of ductile failure of various specimens.