Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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A micromechanics based model for ductile damage in multiphase and composite metallic alloys combining extended Gurson and homogenization theories
C. Teko?lu, T. Pardoen

Last modified: 2013-05-03


A damage model based on Gologanu-Leblond-Devaux constitutive law, extended to account for strain hardening, is integrated with a homogenization scheme in order to investigate the ductile fracture of multiphase and composite metallic alloys. The homogenization scheme supplies the ductile fracture model with an accurate prediction of the load transfer between the matrix and the second phase particles, leading to a better estimate for the overall strength and strain hardening of the composite. Furthermore, the homogenization scheme also allows relating void nucleation -particle fracture and/or particle-matrix interface decohesion- directly to the stress in the particles. This paper focuses on the effects of the mechanical behavior of different phases on the fracture resistance of a composite: a parametric study on an elasto-plastic matrix containing brittle-elastic inclusions is performed by using the integrated homogenization-ductile fracture model, and the results are compared with the results of the damage model alone.

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