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Damage Quantification of Concrete Surface Layers by Semi-Variogram Analysis
Tetsuya Suzuki, Masao Aoki, Masayasu Ohtsu

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Degradation of concrete surface layers could occur due to external effects, whichnormally lead to change physical properties. The degree of damage, in most case,evaluated as defects of structural surface. In order to maintenance andmanagement of concrete structures, it is desirable to evaluate not only defects butalso the degree of damage. In this study, quantitative damage evaluation ofconcrete is proposed by applying infrared thermography method and the semivariogramanalysis of geo-statistics. The semi-variogram analysis is aquantitative evaluation method of the special distribution of physical properties.The two damaged concrete water channel walls were examined. The semivariogramappeared different semi-variance characteristics depending on thedamage degree; the damage level could be reasonably quantified with the semivariance.By evaluating the damage from the semi-variogram analysis usinginfrared image, the damage of concrete surface layer is quantitatively evaluated.

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