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Size-Dependent Plasticity in Twinned Metal Nanowires
F. Sansoz, C. Deng

Last modified: 2012-10-03


Face-centered cubic (FCC) metal nanowires, such as gold nanowires, are basicbuilding blocks for numerous applications of nanotechnology ranging, forexample, from electronics to self-assembly and medicine [1,2]. Therefore, it iscritically important to gain fundamental insight into their mechanical behavior atthe nanometer scale, in order to build more robust nanoscale devices. Inparticular, past atomistic simulation studies have proved that coherent twinboundaries can be strong obstacle to crystal slip in nanoscale FCC metals [3-8].However, meaningful results related to FCC metal nanowires can only beachieved if the influences of microstructure and sample size on crystal plasticityand fracture behavior are fully understood.

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