Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Effects of Temperature and Grain Size on the Properties of Copper Nanotwinned Structures
I. Shabib, R.E. Miller

Last modified: 2012-10-03


an opportunity to enhance mechanical properties that are usually mutuallyexclusive: strength and ductility. Present research is focused on developing acomplete understanding of the deformation characteristics of coppernanotwinned structures by large-scale Molecular Dynamics simulations.Moreover, the influences that grain size, twin width, and temperature have on theproperties of Cu nanotwinned structures have been investigated. Simulationresults have shown that materials’ properties (e.g. strength, toughness) can beenhanced by introducing nanotwins, however, this enhancement is morepronounced at the higher temperatures. At the lower temperatures, some uniquedeformation characteristics may lead to the unusual behaviors of materials. Theexistence of the ‘inverse Hall-Petch’ behavior for Cu nanotwinned structures hasalso been investigated. This research will, therefore, contribute towards furtherdevelopment of the theory of plasticity of nanomaterials and advancement ofnanostructures with enhanced and unique mechanical properties

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