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Atomic Mechanisms of Structural Reconstruction of FCC Metallic Nanowires in the Process of Tension Deformation
M.D. Starostenkov, A.V. Yashin, N.V. Sinitca, E.A. Dudnik

Last modified: 2012-10-03


In recent years there has been growing interest in the study of materials whosephysical and mechanical properties are formed at nanometer scale and even atthe scale of molecules and atoms. Such materials are called nanostructures ornanomaterials [1, 2]. It is accepted by many researchers that structural units ofnanomaterials have characteristic size of less than 100 nm but sometimes thislimit is extended up to 400 nm. Experimental study of structural changestaking place in nanomaterials under intensive external impacts and severeplastic deformation is a challenge. Atomistic computer simulations can beeffectively used in parallel with theory and real experiment when deformationof nanomaterials takes place at a very high strain rate.

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