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Procedure to Estimate the Crack Resistance Curve from the Instrumented Charpy V–Notched Impact Test
R. Chaouadia, J.L Puzzolante

Last modified: 2012-10-03


Recently, a simple procedure based on the relationship between crack lengthand absorbed energy was provided to determine the crack length from the load–displacement test record. This procedure was validated on a large number ofmaterials using various cracked geometries. The main objective of this paper is toinvestigate the possibility to apply a similar procedure to a V–notched geometry,namely the Charpy specimen. Such an evaluation would lead to estimate thematerial crack resistance from a single Charpy V–notched impact test.By performing a number of well–selected experiments, we demonstrated thatsuch a correlation exists, allowing the determination of both static as well asdynamic (impact) crack resistance from the simple instrumented Charpy impacttest with a reasonable accuracy.

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