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Contact Interaction of Interlaminar Crack Faces under Harmonic Loading
O.V.I.A. Guz1 Menshykov, I.A. Guz

Last modified: 2012-10-03


Generally, fracture mechanics problems for cracked solids under dynamic loadingcan be solved using advanced numerical methods, since the analytical solutionsare limited to a relatively small number of idealized model problemscorresponding to very special geometrical configurations and loading conditions.Previously, a considerable amount of work was devoted to cracked homogeneousmaterials [1–3]. The case of inter-component cracks received much less attentiondue to the substantial complications which arise in numerical solution of suchproblems. Primarily, the publications concerning crack fracture in compositematerials are focused on static loading. However, understanding the mechanismof dynamic fracture in composite materials becomes more and more importantwith the increased use of composites in modern engineering, where thecomponents are frequently subjected to dynamic loadings, see, for example [4–9].

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