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General Papers

A method for variable amplitude lifetime calculation in the high cycle regime PDF
H. Zenner, S. Poting
A numerical study of constraint and rate effects on dynamic crack growth PDF
X. Zhang, Y.-W. Mai
A potential node release technique for estimating ductile crack growth in metallic materials PDF
J. X. Zhang, H. Murakawa
A study of hydrogen embrittlement in automotive fastener steels PDF
B. Lonyuk, R. op, D. N. Hanlon, S. van der Zwaag, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker
An element-free Galerkin method for dynamic fracture in functional graded material PDF
H. Peixiang, L. Ziran, W. Changchun
Analysis of a penny-shaped crack in a transversely isotropic piezoelectric medium PDF
M.-H. Zhao, P. Tong, T.-Y. Zhang
Asymptotic fields near a crack tip located at interfaces of several anisotropic materials PDF
L. Jia, X.-B. Zhang, N. Recho
Atomistic simulations of the mechanical response and modes of failure in metals at finite strain PDF
J. Zhao, S. Chantasiriwan, D. Maroudas, F. Milstein
Bifurcation assessment of mixed mode crack in elastic-plastic materials PDF
X. B. Zhang, J. Li, N. Recho
Cyclic plastic deformation of pipeline steel PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker, R. W. J. Koers, J. T. Martin, J. Zuidema
Damage of nickel base superalloy subjected to low cycle fatigue with hold periods PDF
J. Zrník, J. Semenak, V. Vrchovinsky
Deformation of [001] NiTi single crystals PDF
H. Sehitoglu, X. Zhang, J. Jun, I. Karaman, K. Gall, Y. Chumlyakov
Determination of different fracture mode stress intensity factor with virtual crack extension method PDF
B. Zafosnik, M. Ubin, Z. Ren, J. Flasker
Detrimental effect of hydrogen on the fracture strength of single-walled carbon nanotubes PDF
S. Q. Shi, L. G. Zhou
Development of cohesive models from the study of atomic scale fracture processes PDF
P. A. Klein, J. A. Zimmerman, E. P. Chen
Direct evaluation of accurate stress intensity factors with a partition of unity method PDF
B. L. Karihaloo, Q. Z Xiao
Double cohesive zone model and prediction of micro-scratch testing along solid surface PDF
M. Zhao, Y. Wei, J. W. Hutchinson
Ductile fracture analysis of structural steel by application of micromechanical modelling PDF
M. Rakin, Z. Cvijovic, A. Sedmak, M. Zrillic, Z. Putic
Ductile fracture in high strength steel weldments PDF
V. Olden, Z. Zhang, C. Thaulow
Fatigue behaviour of a micro-sized austenitic stainless steel with fine grains PDF
G. P. Zhang, K. Takashima, M. Shimojo, Y. Higo
Fatigue behaviour of a single crystal nickel superalloy used in heavy-duty gas turbine blade with thin film cooling PDF
Y. Pan, R. Zimmer, B. Bischoff-Beiermann, D. Goldschmidt
Fatigue crack growth acceleration effects under helicopter loading spectra PDF
V. Zitounis, P. E. Irving, D. Matthew, R. Cook, S. Jenkins
Fatigue crack growth predictions in AA 5083 and AA 2024 using a simple geometric model PDF
T. Riemslag, K. van Kranenburg, S. Benedictus-de Vries, F. Veer, J. Zuidema
Fracture and creep rupture behavior of notched oxide/oxide and SiC/SiC composites PDF
R. John, D. J. Buchanan, L. P. Zawada
Fracture behavior of conductive cracks in PZT-4 piezoelectric ceramics PDF
T. H. Wang, R. Fu, T. Y. Zhang
Fracture behaviour of a fibre-bridged crack PDF
X. Zhang, H.-Y. Liu, Y.-W. Mai
Fracture of piezoelectric materials PDF
T. Y. Zhang, M. H. Zhao
Influence of phase transformation on subcritical crack growth in numerical modelling of a ceramic composite PDF
T. Niezgoda, W. Szymczyk, J. Zurek
Meso-fracture of metal matrix composites reinforced by particles of large volume fraction PDF
W. Yang, C. Zhou, D. Fang
Micromechanics in graphite fiber/epoxy composites during creep PDF
C. H. Zhou, L .S. Schadler, I. J. Beyerlein
Modelling the processes of micro-defects nucleation in thin-film interconnects of integrated circuits at electromigration PDF
R. V. Goldstein, M. E. Sarychev, D. B. Shirabaikin, A. S. Vladimirov, Y. V. Zhitnikov
Multipass welding simulation of tig welded AISI 316LN PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, G. W. Medendorp, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker, P. G. de Heij, D. d'Hulst
Notch fracture of MEMS sensors made of single crystal silicon PDF
Z. L. Zhang, W. Westby, T. Wang
Notch strength and notch sensitivity of polymethyl methacrylate PDF
H. Wang, J. Yan, X. Zheng
Notch strength of spheroidal graphite cast iron under tension loading PDF
K. Zhao, J. Sun, J. Yan, X. Zheng
Numerical simulation of micro and nano scale fracture PDF
M. Zhou
Plane stress and strain in side-grooved CCT-specimens PDF
C. van Kranenburg, T. Riemslag, S. de Vries, J. Zuidema, F. Veer
Prediction of probability distribution of notch strength of ceramics PDF
J. Yan, X. L. Zheng, K. Zhao, H. Wang
Prestraining effect on creep creep behaviour of nickel-base superalloy PDF
Y. H. Zhang, D. M. Knowles
Propagation of a fluid-driven penny-shaped fracture parallel to the free-surface of an elastic solid PDF
X. Zhang, R. Jeffrey, E. Detournay
Residual stress in piezolectric thin film prepared by pulse laser beam ablation PDF
Y.C. Zhou, Z. Y. Yang, X. J. Zhang, J.Y. Li
Reverse bending fatigue failure of an emergency power turbine shaft PDF
N. S. Xi, P. D. Zhong
Reverse bulging and plugging in metal foil induced by high power laser PDF
Y. C. Zhou, Z. P. Duan
Simulation of probability distribution of fatigue life of notched friction welded joints under variable-amplitude loading PDF
J . an, X. L. Zheng, K. Zhao, H. Wang
Strength properties in substrate for semiconductor electronic devices by thermal cyclic test PDF
N. Okabe, M. Tsutsumi, X. Zhu, Y. Abe
Study of effects of Notch-Tip and crack-tip Plasticity on Short Fatigue Crack Growth PDF
W. Li, X. Zhang, Y.-W. Mai, L. Ye
Study on crackpath stability/Instability in a body PDF
D. A. Zacharopoulos
The dynamic mechanical respondence of weldment with mechanical heterogeneity by split hopkinson pressure bar testing PDF
J. X. Zhang, S. L. Gong
The effect of specimen thickness during fatigue PDF
F. A . eer, J. Zuidema, P. A. Houdijk
The formulae of fatigue crack propagation in polymethyl methacrylate PDF
H. Wang, J. Yan, X. Zheng
Thermal failure mechanism and threshold of SiC particula reinforced metal matrix composites PDF
Y. C. Zhou, S. G. Long, Z. P. Duan
Thermal failure of thermal barrier ceramic coating PDF
Y. C. Zhou, T. Hashida
Three-dimensional mixed mode fracture on cement mortar PDF
K. Zhong, K. W. Lo, T. Tamilselvan
Transition from ductile to cleavage fracture - effect of specimen size and mismatch PDF
E. Ostby, Z. L. Zhang, C. Thaulow