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General Papers

Application of ultrasonic peening to improving fatigue properties of welded joints PDF
H. Lixing, W. Dongpo, S. Yufeng, C. Jungmei
Asymptotic fields near a crack tip located at interfaces of several anisotropic materials PDF
L. Jia, X.-B. Zhang, N. Recho
Co-planar crack interaction in cleaved MICA PDF
J.C. Hill, S.J. Bennison, P.A. Klein, A. Jagota, S. Saigal
Coupling of damage mechanics and probabilistic approach for life-time prediction of composite material structures PDF
Y. Bruner, D. Jeulin, J. Renard, A. Thionnet
Critical energy release rate of a bimaterial asymmetric double cantilever beam (ADCB) with an adhesive layer PDF
N. B Kuipers, A. Bakker, G. E. Schoolenberg, M. Janssen
Damage evolution and damage tolerance in ceramic matrix composites: empirical measurements and analytical modeling PDF
M. Jenkins
Deformation of [001] NiTi single crystals PDF
H. Sehitoglu, X. Zhang, J. Jun, I. Karaman, K. Gall, Y. Chumlyakov
Determination of fracture properties of high-chromium white cast iron PDF
M. Janssen, M.B. van Leeuwen, M.F. Mendes de Leon
Effect of the notch shape and the presence of a circular void in front of a circular notch on the failure mode transition speed in an impact loaded plate PDF
R. C. Batra, N. A. Jaber, M. E. Malsbury
Effect of thermal exposure of the fracture toughness of several high temperature adhesive systems PDF
D. Rhymer, S. Johnson
Experimental research on fracture and fatigue of SCT specimen simulating high-strain region of pressure vessel nozzels PDF
X. Chen, T. Yang, W. Jin, J. Jiang, C. Cheng
Fatigue crack growth acceleration effects under helicopter loading spectra PDF
V. Zitounis, P. E. Irving, D. Matthew, R. Cook, S. Jenkins
Flowstress of steel at large strains and high strain rates PDF
G. Pape, M. Janssen, A. Bakker
Fracture and creep rupture behavior of notched oxide/oxide and SiC/SiC composites PDF
R. John, D. J. Buchanan, L. P. Zawada
Fracture of thermal sprayed nanostructured coatings PDF
M. Gell, L. Shaw, E. Jordan, H. Luo, D. Goberman
Fracture predictions for ductile steel PDF
G. Pape, M. Janssen, A. Bakker
Fracture toughness of niobium/sapphire interfaces: effect of interface doping and ion assisted deposition PDF
G. S. Was, H. Ji
Free edge and interaction effects on the strength of finite-sized interface bonds PDF
H. M. Jensen
Importance of crack tunneling during fracture: experiments and CTOA analyses PDF
M. A. James, J. C. Newman
Influence on low cycle fatigue properties of bond coat oxidation for a thermal barrier coating PDF
H. Brodin, S. Johansson
Propagation of a fluid-driven penny-shaped fracture parallel to the free-surface of an elastic solid PDF
X. Zhang, R. Jeffrey, E. Detournay
Small fatigue crack initiation and growth behavior of Fe-0.5Ni-1Mo sintered steel PDF
A. Sugeta, M. Jono, Y. Uematsu
Stereoscopic fracture analysis by SEM using stero matching and secondary electron integrating signals PDF
J. Jiang, S. Sakai
Temperature and aging effects on ultimate bearing strength and fatigue of polymeric composite joints PDF
W. S. Johnson, W. A. Counts
The effect of processing on tensile strength and fracture behavior of CFRP smart composites with embedded shape memory alloy wires PDF
B. K. Jang, J.-H. Koo, Y. Xu, N. Toyama, H. Yoshida, Y. Akimune