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General Papers

2D and 3D self-affine crack propagation on aluminium alloys PDF
M. Hinojosa, E. I. Morales, X. Guerrero, U. Ortiz, J. Aldaco
A new material model and its application to fracture analysis in fiber pull-out tests PDF
R. V. Goldstein, E. Lyamina, S. Alexandrov
A study of crack depth effect and scattering of fracture toughness in three point bend COD specimens PDF
M. Toyosada, K. Gotoh, S. Nakayama
A study of mode II fracture toughness test standardisation of metals PDF
T. Tamilselvan, K. W. Lo, Y. B. Gong, M. O. Lai
Anistropic microcrack-based frictional damage model for brittle materials PDF
L. Gambarotta
Characterisation of crack toughness behaviour of unfilled and filled elastomers PDF
W. Grellmann, K. Reincke, R. Lach, G. Heinrich
Cohesive and adhesive fracture under nanoscale contacts: Environmental and microstructural effects PDF
N. I. Tymiak, A. Daugela, M. Li, T. J. Wyrobek, W. W. Gerberich
Continum and atomistric studies of intersonic and supersonic crack propogation PDF
H. Gao, Y. Huang, F. F. Abraham
Crack growth in solid propellants PDF
E. E. Gdoutos, G. Papakaliatakis
Crack Plane Influence on Time-Dependent Fracture of Bimaterials PDF
A. Gordon, D. McDowell
Crack Tip Deformation and Toughness in Polypropylenes PDF
S. Seidler, T. Koch, I. Kotter, W. Grellmann
Creep crack growth parameters in directionally solidified superalloys PDF
A. Saxena, B. Gardner, J. Qu
Cyclic crack tip deformation - the influence of environment PDF
E. Gach, R. Pippan
Deformation of [001] NiTi single crystals PDF
H. Sehitoglu, X. Zhang, J. Jun, I. Karaman, K. Gall, Y. Chumlyakov
Ductile damage and crack growth analysis in 3D structures PDF
D. Gross, H. Baaser
Dynamic fracture testing using charpy instrumented pendulum PDF
Z. Radakovic, D. Radakovic, G. B. Lenkey, V. Grabulov, A. Sedmak
Effect of notch sharpness and cold expansion on the fatigue crack arrest PDF
R. Ghfiri, A. Amrouche, A. Imad
Effect of surface crack geometry on the fatigue life of a high strength low alloy steel PDF
A. Giassone, F. A. Darwish, M. V. Pereira, .A C. Vidal, A. R. Martins
Effect of test rate on tensile strength of various continuous fiber-reinforced ceramic composites at elevated temperatures PDF
S. R. Choi, J. P. Gyekenyesi
Effect of the size of surface defects on the fatigue strength of shot peened springs PDF
B. Vargas-Arista, J. L. Gonzalez, J. M. Hallen, A. J. McEvily
Embrittlement of high strength B-Ti alloys PDF
R. P. Gangloff
Evaluation of a brittle fracture accidents that occurred at the Hyogo-Ken Nanbu earthquake PDF
M. Toyosada, K. Gotoh, Y. Watanabe, S. Nakayama
Fatigue and fracture properties of CO-FE at 150°C PDF
E. Guglielmino, V. Filardi, S. Harris, T. Hyde
Fatigue behaviour of a pultruded glass-reinforced polymer-matrix composite material PDF
L. B. Godefroid, W. A. Morais, G. P. Silva, J. A. Martins
Fatigue behaviour of a single crystal nickel superalloy used in heavy-duty gas turbine blade with thin film cooling PDF
Y. Pan, R. Zimmer, B. Bischoff-Beiermann, D. Goldschmidt
Fiducial marks as a measure of thin film crack arrest toughness PDF
A. Volinsky, M. L. Kottke, I. S. Adhihetty, W. Gerberich
Finite deformation energy release rate computations in a steady rolling tire PDF
S. Govindjee
Formation of hierarchial ordered crack systems at fracture PDF
R. V. Goldstein, N. M. Osipenko
Fracture at compression PDF
R. V. Goldstein
Fracture behaviour of blends consisting of asymmetric styrene/butadiene block copolymers PDF
R. Adhikari, R. Lach, G. H. Michler, R. Weidisch, W. Grellmann
Fracture mechanical characterization of semicrystalline thermoplastics PDF
H. H. Kausch, Ph. Beguelin, Ch. Grein, C. J. G. Plummer
Fracture mechanics characterisation of epoxy resins by means of mini-compact-tension-specimens PDF
C. Bierogel, H. Walter, W. Grellmann, H. Henning, B. Michel
Fracture of thermal sprayed nanostructured coatings PDF
M. Gell, L. Shaw, E. Jordan, H. Luo, D. Goberman
Fracture process of PM Ti6A14V at 20K in presence of impurities PDF
L. Briottet, N. Scheer, D. Guichard
Fracture toughness and failure mechanism of polymer-introduced porous Hap composites PDF
H. Suemasu, T. Wada, M. Aizawa, K. Gozu, A. Nozue, K. Itatani
Growth of fatigue cracks from cold expanded holes PDF
M. J. Pavier, A.A. Garcia-Granada, V. D. Lacarac, D. J. Smith
High speed debonding and frictional sliding in composite systems: experimental observations and numerical simulation PDF
J. Lambros, X. Bi, P. H. Geubelle
Hydrogen induced crack growth rate in steel plates under uniaxial stress PDF
J. L. Gonzalez, R. Ramirez, J. M. Hallen
Hydrogen/length scale interactions during small volume yielding and fracture PDF
W. Gerberich, N. I. Tymiak
Length scales for the fracture of nanostructures PDF
W. Gerberich
Mechanical properties, adhesion and fracture toughness of low-k dielectric thin films for microelectronic applications PDF
I. Adhihetty, J. Vella, A. Volinsky, C. Goldberh, W. Gerberich
Micromechanisms of fatigue in polysilicon MEMS structures PDF
S. Allameh, P. Shrotriya, B. Gally, S. Brown, W. O. Soboyejo
Modelling the processes of micro-defects nucleation in thin-film interconnects of integrated circuits at electromigration PDF
R. V. Goldstein, M. E. Sarychev, D. B. Shirabaikin, A. S. Vladimirov, Y. V. Zhitnikov
Multi-scale fatigue of As-cast lightweight structural metals PDF
K. Gall, M. Horstemeyer, D. L. McDowell, J. Fan, N. Yang
Numerical simulation of crack tip fields and toughening mechanisms in ternary polymer blends PDF
T. Seelig, E. van der Giessen, D. Gross
Numerical study of the probability of fracture of glass under stress corrosion PDF
H. Auradou, D. Vandembroucq, C. Guillot, E. Bouchaud
Numerical, experimental, nondestructive, and image analyses of damage; progression in cast A356 aluminium notch tensile bars PDF
M. F. Horstemeyer, K. Gall, K. W. olan, A. aters, A. M. Gokhale, M. D. Dighe
On the fatigue crack tip driving force: Role of crack tip plasticity PDF
G. Glinka, R. L. Holtz, K. Sadananda, A. K. Vasudev
Recent developments in the Weibull Stress Model for prediction of cleavage fracture in ferritic steels PDF
X. Gao, R. Dodds
Scratch Testing and acoustic emission of nanostructured partially stabilized zirconia PDF
M. R. Gold, R. S. Lima, A. Kucuk, C. C. Berndt
Simulation of damage mechanisms in high speed grinding of structural ceramics PDF
P. Geubelle, S. Maiti
Static and dynamic fracture properties of high strength steel chain materials PDF
D. M. Shuter, J. T. Dutton, W. Geary
Statistics of chemical and mechanical fractures of corroded solids PDF
A. Baldassarri, A. Gabrielli, B. Sapoval
Stress analysis of beam-to-column connection for earthquake-resistance welded steel structure based on FEM PDF
Z. Yufeng, Y. Guochun, H. Lixing, Y. Xinqi, J. Hongyang
Stress singularities within the cellular core of a sandwich plate PDF
W. Becker, J. Hohe, S. Goswami
The dynamic mechanical respondence of weldment with mechanical heterogeneity by split hopkinson pressure bar testing PDF
J. X. Zhang, S. L. Gong
The dynamics of multiple neck formation and fragmentation in high rate extension of ductile materials PDF
P. R. Guduru, L. B. Freund
The effect of thickness and crack geometry on material fracture toughness of high-toughness pipeline steels PDF
H. Dong, W. Guo
The effects of diffusion on interfacial fracture of multilayer hybrid microcircuit films PDF
N. R. Moody, D. P. Adams, D. Medlin, A. Volinsky, N. Yang, W. W. Gerberich
The fatigue damage of construction materials PDF
S. Shamirzaev, S. Ganihanov, G. Shamirzaeva
The influence of dynamic testing on the J - R resistance curve behavior of medium density polyethylene PDF
J. T. Dutton, D. M. Shuter, W. Geary
The influence of the in-plane constraint on the J resistance curves PDF
A. Neimitz, J. Galkiewicz, R. Molasy
Thermal-elastic-plastic coupled analyses of dynamic crack growth PDF
F. Xu, W. Guo, Y. Y. Liu
Three-dimensional fatigue fracture in complex environments PDF
W. Guo