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General Papers

A boundary element based meso-analysis on the evolution of material damage PDF
H. Okada, Y. Fukui, N. Kumazawa
A new experimental technique for determining the fracture energy of wood under mode II loading conditions PDF
K. Fruhmann, E.K. Tschegg, S.E. Stanzl-Tschegg
A strain based approach to assessing creep crack initiation and crack growth PDF
D. J. Smith, A. J. Fookes, D. W. Dean
An example of the influence of residual stress on fracture PDF
I. Finnie
Application of risk-based maintenance with life and financial assessment on fossil-fired power plants PDF
A. Fuji, H. Eguchi, J. Takahashi, C. Fukuoka, T. Tanoue, Y. Okatsuka
Atomic-force microscopy on corrosion pits and crack initiation in fatigue metals PDF
Y. Nakai, Y. Shimizu, S. Fujiwara, T. Ogawa
Calculation model for corrosion calendar life of metal parts PDF
Z. Fuze
Coincindence doppler broadening positron annihilation spectroscopy in defects in iron and silicon PDF
M. Fujinami, T. Sawada, T. Akahane
Corrosion-fatigue performance of die cast magnesium alloys PDF
W. G. Ferguson, W. Liu, J. MacCulloch
Crack front waves in dynamic fracture PDF
J. Fineberg, E. Sharon
Crack growth resistance of metal foams PDF
I. Schmidt, N. A. Fleck
Damage in high temperature components and the life assessment technologies PDF
K. Fujiyama, T. Fujiwara
Deformation Characteristics on Creasing of Paperboard Under Shallow Indentation PDF
S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, D. Yamaguchi, S. Nagae, I. Katayama, A. Yoshizawa
Design of experiments for reliability assessment of active mechanical structures PDF
R. Kouta, H. Fall, W. Charon
Determination of different fracture mode stress intensity factor with virtual crack extension method PDF
B. Zafosnik, M. Ubin, Z. Ren, J. Flasker
Dynamic fracture surface energy values and frustrated micro-branches during RCP in an impact modified polymer PDF
C. Fond, R. Schirrer
Effective mode-II stress intesity factor for partially opened natural cracks under mixed-mode loading PDF
T. Fett
Fatigue and fracture behaviour of a laser heat treated martensitic high-nitrogen steel PDF
M. Heitkemper, C. Bohne, A. Pyzalla, A. Fischer
Fatigue and fracture properties of CO-FE at 150°C PDF
E. Guglielmino, V. Filardi, S. Harris, T. Hyde
Fatigue behaviour of a laser beam welded Ni-base superalloy during high temperature cyclic deformation
T. Spirowski, A. Fischer, R. Saggau, H. Pries, H. Wohlfahrt
Fatigue crack growth in ferroelectrics driven by cyclic electronic loading PDF
D. Fang, B. Liu, Z. hang, K. C. Hwang
Fatigue crack growth under simple variable amplitude load sequences PDF
L. P. Borrego, J. M. Ferreira, J. M. Costa
Fracture behavior of conductive cracks in PZT-4 piezoelectric ceramics PDF
T. H. Wang, R. Fu, T. Y. Zhang
Fracture criterion for piezoelectric materials with defects based on energy density theory PDF
A. K. Soh, D. Fang, K. L. Lee
Fracture evaluation of in-situ sensors for high temperature applications PDF
S. C. Forth, A. Stroselsky
Fracture initiation and crack growth - cohesive zone modeling and stereoscopic measurements PDF
C. R. Chen, O. Kolednik, F. D. Fischer, I. Scheider, T. Siegmund, A. Tatschl
Fracture mechanics models for the analysis of composite materials with a nonlinear matrix PDF
A. Carpinteri, G. Ferro, G. Ventura
Influence of annealing process on ultrafast carrier dynamics for an ion-implanted silicon surface PDF
H. Donen, Y. Inagaki, K. Katayama, M. Fujinami, T. Sawada
Inhomogeneity effects on crack growth PDF
N. K. Simha, F. D. Fischer, O. Kolednik
K-R curves of thin 2195-T8 aluminium alloy plate PDF
R. Doglione, D. Firrao
Meso-fracture of metal matrix composites reinforced by particles of large volume fraction PDF
W. Yang, C. Zhou, D. Fang
Method for estimating service load from striation width and height PDF
K. Furukawa
Microstructural features of short crack growth in a Beta-titanium Alloy PDF
U. Krupp, W. Floer, H.-J. Christ, A. Schick, C.-P. Fritzen
Multi-scale fatigue of As-cast lightweight structural metals PDF
K. Gall, M. Horstemeyer, D. L. McDowell, J. Fan, N. Yang
Nano-indentation fracture with a corner cube indenter PDF
J. S. Field, R. Dukino, N. Iwashita, M. V. Swain
Numerical simulation of the surface fatigue crack growth using VCE method PDF
T. Nishioka, Q. Hu, T. Fujimoto
Numerical simulations of dynamic interfacial fracture phenomena PDF
T. Nishioka, Q. Hu, T. Fujimoto
On the applicability of the essential work of fracture method to thick abs Se(b)-specimens PDF
P. Luna, E. Lievana, C. Bernal, P. Frontini, Y.-W. Mai
Predictive model for the steady-state failure of adhesively-bonded joints with extensive plastic yielding PDF
T. Ferracin, T. Pardoen, F. Delannay, C. M. Landis, J. Y. Sener
Simulation of fatigue crack propagation processes in arbitrary three-dimensional structures with the program system PDF
M. Fulland, M. Schollman, H. A. Richard
Softening behaviour of plain concrete beams PDF
A. P. Fantilli, P. Vallini
Study on propagation law of surface fatigue crack at notch root in low cycle fatigue under in-plane bending PDF
K. Shingai, Y. Yoshi, D. Fukui
The dynamics of multiple neck formation and fragmentation in high rate extension of ductile materials PDF
P. R. Guduru, L. B. Freund
The effect of residual stresses and strains on fatigue crack propagation: measurement and modelling PDF
D. Nowell, L .J. Fellows, D. A. Hills, Y. Xu
Thermal cycle fatigue behaviour on the dissimilar material joint PDF
Y. Fukuzawa, S. Nagasawa, S. Nishida, S. Hikotani
Thermal fatigue dislocation structures in 316L steel: Experiments and simulations PDF
C. F. Robertson, M. C. Fivel
Toughening of nano-composite ceramics PDF
D.-N. Fang, X. Dong, A. Soh