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General Papers

An experimental investigation of dynamic inelastcity and fracture of nanostructured coatings PDF
H. Espinosa, Z. Wu
Analysis of ballistic properties of multilayered shields using approximate models PDF
T. Elperin, G. Ben-Dor, A. Dubinsky
Application of risk-based maintenance with life and financial assessment on fossil-fired power plants PDF
A. Fuji, H. Eguchi, J. Takahashi, C. Fukuoka, T. Tanoue, Y. Okatsuka
Constituent effects on the stress-strain behavior of woven melt-infiltrated SiC composites PDF
G. N. Morscher, J. I. Eldridge
Construction of strain-life diagram based on variable amplitude fatigue data PDF
M. Endo, H. Miyata
Corrosion fatigue behavior of ship structural steels PDF
R. Ebara
Crack growth behaviour of Ni-Base High Temperature Alloys at 500 to 1000°C PDF
F. Schubert, H. J. Penkalla, P. J. Ennis, L. Singheiser
Crack initiation and growth in graded materials due to sliding contact PDF
F. Erdogan
Cross-sectional nanoindentation: a new technique to measure thin film interfacial adhesion PDF
B. Sun, T. Scherban, D. Pantuso, J. M. Sanchez, R. Elizalde, J. M. Martinez-Esnaola
Fracture of nanostructured FCC materials PDF
F. Ebrahimi
Modelling crack propagation: a phase field approach PDF
L. O. Eastgate, J. P. Sethna, M. Rauscher, C. R. Myers, C. S. Chen
On the crack extension force of curved cracks PDF
K. Eriksson
Optimizing structural integrity through reliable residual stress measurement PDF
L. Edwards
Software methodologies for multiscale descriptions of defects, deformation and fracture PDF
C. Myers, C.-S. Chen, T. Cretegny, N. P. Bailey, A. J. Dolgert, L. O. Eastgate
The effect of specimen thickness during fatigue PDF
F. A . eer, J. Zuidema, P. A. Houdijk
The use of water-based epoxy resin coating for strengthening glass PDF
B. R. Whittle, R. J. Hand, B. Ellis