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General Papers

A study of fatigue cracking behaviour dependent on the distance between two hole defects PDF
S.-H. Song, J.-S. Bae, A. Kim
A study of hydrogen embrittlement in automotive fastener steels PDF
B. Lonyuk, R. op, D. N. Hanlon, S. van der Zwaag, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker
A theremodynamically consistent damage formulation based on a nonlocal damage activation threshold PDF
G. Borino, E. Benvenuti, A. Tralli
Analyses of size effects in the charpy v-notch test PDF
A. A. Benzerga, R. Batisse, A. Needleman, V. Tvergaa
Analysis of ballistic properties of multilayered shields using approximate models PDF
T. Elperin, G. Ben-Dor, A. Dubinsky
Co-planar crack interaction in cleaved MICA PDF
J.C. Hill, S.J. Bennison, P.A. Klein, A. Jagota, S. Saigal
Complex component failure with large ductile crack growth - high quality prediction by damage mechanical simulation and experimental verification PDF
W. Baer, D. Klingbeil
Coupling of damage mechanics and probabilistic approach for life-time prediction of composite material structures PDF
Y. Bruner, D. Jeulin, J. Renard, A. Thionnet
Crack propagation in concrete elements strengthened by GFRP PDF
B. Bonfiglioli, G. Pascale, E. Viola
Creep damage analysis of short cracks using a narrow notch specimen made from a Ni-base superaloy at 700°C PDF
T. H. Hyde, A. A. Becker, W. Sun
Creep fracture of ceramic-matrix composites PDF
B. Wilshire, H. Burt
Critical energy release rate of a bimaterial asymmetric double cantilever beam (ADCB) with an adhesive layer PDF
N. B Kuipers, A. Bakker, G. E. Schoolenberg, M. Janssen
Curved crack path prediction by the MVCCI-method and experimental verification for a specimen under lateral force bending PDF
H. Theilig, F. –G. Buchholz
Cyclic plastic deformation of pipeline steel PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker, R. W. J. Koers, J. T. Martin, J. Zuidema
Cyclic thermal loading of ceramic matrix composites: constitutive models and design strategies PDF
A. C. F. Cocks, M. E. Booker, F. A. Leckie
Description of multiple cracking in uv-degraded stressed polyethylene using percolation approach PDF
I. Skrypnyk, N. Bilyk, J. Spoormaker
Ductile damage accumulation under cyclic deformations and multiaxial state of stress conditions PDF
N. Bonora, A. Pirondi
Ductile damage and crack growth analysis in 3D structures PDF
D. Gross, H. Baaser
Ductile rupture of aluminium sheets PDF
J. Brocks, J. Besson, O. Chabanet, D. Steglich
Ductile tearing of interacting surface breaking defects PDF
B. Bezensek, J. Hancock
Dynamic delaminatin in through-thickness reinforced DCB specimens PDF
N. Sridhar, B. N. Cox, I. J. Beyerlein, R. Masa
Effect of microstructural degradation on crack tip stress fields in two-phase single crystals PDF
E. P. Busso, N. P. O'Dowd, S. Dumoulin, D. Allen
Effect of the notch shape and the presence of a circular void in front of a circular notch on the failure mode transition speed in an impact loaded plate PDF
R. C. Batra, N. A. Jaber, M. E. Malsbury
Effects of heterogeneity on the strength of 3D composites PDF
S. Mahesh, S. Leigh Phoenix, I. J. Beyerlien
Effects of plastic strain on cleavage fracture predictions in steel PDF
S. R. Bordet, A. D. Karstensen, C. S. Wiesner, D. M. Knowles
Estimation of dynamic stress intensity factors for beams and cylindrical specimens PDF
S. Y. Kovchyk, V. M. Boyko, I. V. Khodan, I. D. Skrypnyk
Experimental investigation of the inertial effects occurring in impact tests on plastics with varying mass distribution PDF
A. Pavan, G. Barbaglia
Experimental investigation on the influence of surface engineering on thermal fatigue of a hot work tool steel PDF
A. Persson, J. Bergstrom, C. Burman, S. Hogmark
Fatigue and fracture behaviour of a laser heat treated martensitic high-nitrogen steel PDF
M. Heitkemper, C. Bohne, A. Pyzalla, A. Fischer
Fatigue behaviour of a single crystal nickel superalloy used in heavy-duty gas turbine blade with thin film cooling PDF
Y. Pan, R. Zimmer, B. Bischoff-Beiermann, D. Goldschmidt
Fatigue crack growth predictions in AA 5083 and AA 2024 using a simple geometric model PDF
T. Riemslag, K. van Kranenburg, S. Benedictus-de Vries, F. Veer, J. Zuidema
Fatigue crack growth under simple variable amplitude load sequences PDF
L. P. Borrego, J. M. Ferreira, J. M. Costa
Fatigue damage in unidirectional laminate composites under constant stress and constant strain loading conditions: a comparative study PDF
N. Bonora, M. Newaz
Fatigue of steel structures PDF
P. Broz
Flowstress of steel at large strains and high strain rates PDF
G. Pape, M. Janssen, A. Bakker
Foreign object damage and high-cycle fatigue thresholds in Ti-6-6Al-4V PDF
J. O. Peters, B. L. Boyce, J. M. McNaney, R. O. Ritchie
Fractal fracture surfaces and fluid displacement process in fractured rocks PDF
T. Babadagli, K. Develi
Fracture and creep rupture behavior of notched oxide/oxide and SiC/SiC composites PDF
R. John, D. J. Buchanan, L. P. Zawada
Fracture control in glass through lamination PDF
F. A. Veer, S. Benedictus-de Vries, C. van Kranenburg
Fracture mechanical characterization of semicrystalline thermoplastics PDF
H. H. Kausch, Ph. Beguelin, Ch. Grein, C. J. G. Plummer
Fracture mechanics characterisation of epoxy resins by means of mini-compact-tension-specimens PDF
C. Bierogel, H. Walter, W. Grellmann, H. Henning, B. Michel
Fracture mechanics evaluation of post yield fatigue crack initiation and propagation PDF
G. S. Wang, A. F. Blom
Fracture predictions for ductile steel PDF
G. Pape, M. Janssen, A. Bakker
Fracture process of PM Ti6A14V at 20K in presence of impurities PDF
L. Briottet, N. Scheer, D. Guichard
Fracture toughness measurement of small cracks in high strength steel wire PDF
B. Bromage, T. J. Marrow
Fracture toughness of polymer interfaces: From the molecular to the continuum scale PDF
C. Creton, E. J. Kramer, H. R. Brown, C. Y. Hui
High resolution analytical characterization of stress corrosion crack tips PDF
S. M. Bruemmer, L. E. Thomas
High speed debonding and frictional sliding in composite systems: experimental observations and numerical simulation PDF
J. Lambros, X. Bi, P. H. Geubelle
High temperature creep damage of fabricated structures PDF
F. W. Brust
Hydrogen, Hydrides, and Crack Tip Deformation in Titanium PDF
C. L. Briant, Z. F. Wang, K. S. Kumar
Hydrogen, hydrides and crack tip deformation PDF
C. L. Briant
In-situ characterization of matrix response to fiber fractures PDF
J.C. Hanan, I.J. Beyerlein, E. Ustundag, G.A. Swift, B. Clausen, D.W. Brown
Influence coefficients to calculate stress intensity factors for an elliptical crack in a plate PDF
P. Le Delliou, B. Barthelet
Influence of loading rate on shear fracture toughness for failure mode transition PDF
J. F. Kalthoff, A. Burgel
Influence of residual stress on ductile crack initiation and growth in dissimilar metal weld joints PDF
A. Sherry, D. Lidbury, D. Beardsmore
Influence on low cycle fatigue properties of bond coat oxidation for a thermal barrier coating PDF
H. Brodin, S. Johansson
Investigation of fracture criterion for composite using CTS specimen PDF
R. Rikards, A. K. Bledzki, F.-G. Buchholz
Investigation on oblique impact response of composite cylindrical shells PDF
W. Z. Nie, W. K. Binienda
Micromechanics in graphite fiber/epoxy composites during creep PDF
C. H. Zhou, L .S. Schadler, I. J. Beyerlein
Micromechanisms of fatigue in polysilicon MEMS structures PDF
S. Allameh, P. Shrotriya, B. Gally, S. Brown, W. O. Soboyejo
Morphology of cracks and damage in various materials PDF
E. Bouchaud
Multipass welding simulation of tig welded AISI 316LN PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, G. W. Medendorp, J. Zuidema, A. Bakker, P. G. de Heij, D. d'Hulst
Nanoindentation and fracture analysis of thin solid films PDF
K. Sriram, R. Narasimhan, S. K. Biswas
Nonlinear dynamics of crack propagation (experimental and theoretical study) PDF
O. Naimark, V. A. Baranninkov, S. V. Uvarov
Numerical study of the probability of fracture of glass under stress corrosion PDF
H. Auradou, D. Vandembroucq, C. Guillot, E. Bouchaud
On anisotropy effects in ductile fracture: Theory and applications PDF
A. A. Benzerga, J. Besson, A. Pineau
On the applicability of the essential work of fracture method to thick abs Se(b)-specimens PDF
P. Luna, E. Lievana, C. Bernal, P. Frontini, Y.-W. Mai
On the dependence of the weibull exponent on geometry and loading conditions and its implications on the fracture toughness probability curve using a local approach criterion PDF
P. P. Milella, N. Bonora
On the detection of fatigue damage prior to surface indication PDF
G. Wheatley, D. Barton, K. Davey
Plastic-damage model for stress-strain behaviour of soils PDF
N. Al-Shayea, K. Mohib, M. Baluch
Probabilistic failure assessment of a carbon-carbon shell for the earth entry vehicle concept PDF
R. E. Kurth, F. W. Brust
Response and failure of composite structures exposed to fire PDF
K. Reifsnider, J. Burdette
Rubber-particle-size dependent strain rate effects on mechanical properties and de formation behaviour of high-impact polystyrene PDF
T. Kuboki, K. Takahashi, P. Y. Ben Jar, T. Shinmu
Scaling of quasi-brittle fracture: morphology of crack surfaces and asymptotic analysis PDF
S. Morel, E. Bouchaud, G. Valentin
Scratch Testing and acoustic emission of nanostructured partially stabilized zirconia PDF
M. R. Gold, R. S. Lima, A. Kucuk, C. C. Berndt
Self-Healing Polymer Composites PDF
S. White, E. N. Brown, M. R. Kessler, S. Sriram
Software methodologies for multiscale descriptions of defects, deformation and fracture PDF
C. Myers, C.-S. Chen, T. Cretegny, N. P. Bailey, A. J. Dolgert, L. O. Eastgate
Statistical Study of Fracture in Concrete PDF
T. K. Wang, J. M. C. van Mier, T. N. Bittencourt
Statistics of chemical and mechanical fractures of corroded solids PDF
A. Baldassarri, A. Gabrielli, B. Sapoval
Stress singularities within the cellular core of a sandwich plate PDF
W. Becker, J. Hohe, S. Goswami
Study on crack-nucleating damage of hydraulic concrete PDF
Z. Lixiang, L. Qingbin, F. Bohao
The role of deformation twins in a ductile to brittle transition and brittle fracture of ferritic steels PDF
T. Smida, J. Bosansky
Use of surface-treatment life extension methods for aircraft components PDF
Q. Liu, S.A. Barter, P. Baburamani, P. K. Sharp, G. Clark
Vibrations of a cross-ply ceramic matrix composite beam with matrix cracks in longitudinal and transverse layers PDF
V. Birman, L. W. Byrd