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In situations of practical interest, mechanical components are subjected to complex systems of cyclic forces resulting in local multiaxial stress/strain states. Due to the scientific/industrial relevance of such an engineering problem, since the pioneering work done by Gough, a tremendous effort has been made by the international scientific community both to understand the cracking behaviour of materials damaged by bi/tridimensional cyclic stress/strain states and to devise safe engineering procedures suitable for designing mechanical components against multiaxial fatigue. Due to such extensive and systematic investigations, nowadays, when assessing real components, engineers can take full advantage of many well-established methods as well as of many experimental findings. In this complex scenario, the organisers of the present workshop believe that it would be useful for those researchers systematically working on multiaxial fatigue to gather together to revisit and perhaps revise those ideas and concepts which have been proposed and validated so far. This is aimed to be done by collegially discussing state-of-the-art solutions, trying to answer the most critical open questions about this complex problem. The organisers of this unique workshop are confident that the fatigue and fracture community would benefit from an opportunity for invited researchers to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas related to multiaxial fatigue in an informal, interactive format at a venue in a beautifully scenic Italian city.


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This research workshop is intended to promote discussion and the free exchange of ideas in the area of Multiaxial Fatigue. Considering the complex nature of the problem, this scientific/engineering issue will be tackled from different viewpoints, considering not only the theoretical, but also the experimental aspects. The Invited participants will be expected to prepare a presentation on a topic of close relevance to the workshop theme, followed by an in-depth discussion. More details about the way of preparing the presentation will be given in due course. The last day of the workshop will be devoted to discussing the ideas presented to identify most effective avenues for future work and collaborations. A Special Issue of Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics is planned from this workshop with every invited paper being extended and reviewed for this journal in the light of the learning from the workshop. It is anticipated that this special issue will contribute significantly to future work and discussion in this important area.

Workshop Papers

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Submitted Workshop papers will be peer reviewed for publication in a special issue of Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, the International Journal of the Italian Group of Fracture (indexed in Scopus). A Special Issue of Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics is planned to contain selected papers which have been extended taking account of the workshop discussions and then peer reviewed.

Accomodation &Venue

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Albergo S. Domenico (****)
Piazza Rinascimento, 3
61029 Urbino (PU)


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Abstracts: 15 November 2014
Conference Papers: 1 March 2015

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