Crack Path 2009



CP 2009

23-25 September

ISBN 978-88-95940-28-1

ISSN 2281-1060

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A Brief History of the Crack Tip Stress Intensity Factor and Its Application
P.C. Paris

Influence of Hydrogen and Test Frequency on Fatigue Crack Path
Y. Murakami, S. Matsuoka


Intergranular Fatigue in Interstitial-Free Steels
M.N. James

Crack Propagation in Lead-Free Solder under Cyclic Loading of Mode I and II
K. Tanaka


Quantifying Crack Tip Displacements Fields: T-Stress and CTOA
J.R. Yates, M. Zanganeh, D. Asquith, Y.H. Tai

Crack Paths in the Fatigue and Fracture of Bone
D. Taylor, P. O’Reilly, S. Kasiri, S. Mahony


Fatigue Crack Path in New Generation Al Alloys: Coupled Influence of Microstructure and Atmosphere Environment
J. Petit, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, S. Richard, C. Gasqueres

Fifty Years of Crack Path Research
L.P. Pook


Fatigue crack growth in the cruciform specimens under out-of-phase loading
D. Rozumek, C.T. Lachowicz, E. Macha

3-D modelling of plasticity induced fatigue crack closure-effect of material constitutive relations
F. Ellyin, F. Ozah


Fatigue optimization of a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder
G. Nicoletto, T. Marin

An experimental study of the influence of laser shock peening on fatigue crack growth
A. Chahardehi, F.P. Brennan, A. Steuwer


On the mechanism of factory-roof formation
J. Pokluda, K. Slámeèka, P. Šandera

Ferritic ductile cast iron damaging characterization
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello


Design of layered ceramics with crack bifurcation/deflection mechanisms
R. Bermejo

On plate thickness effect in plane problems of elasticity
A.G. Kotousov, S. Harding, P. Lazzarin


New approach for the T-stress estimation for specimens with a U-notch
M. Hadj Meliani, Z. Azari, G. Pluvinage, Yu.G. Matvienko

The tearing of thin sheets
E. Bayart, M. Adda-Bedia, A. Boudaoud


Modeling of 3-D fatigue crack growth in real-life components
D. Bremberg, G. Dhondt

An investigation on fracture surfaces of shot blasted and as forged components in constant and variable loading fatigue
K. Dalaei, B. Karlsson, L.-E. Svensson, B. Johannesson


The crack path evolution for monotonic and cyclic loading
K.P. Mroz, Z. Mroz

Fatigue behaviour of thermal cutted steel structural element
J. Kramberger, N. Jezernik, S. Glodež


Fatigue crack patterns in ultrasonic peened welded structures during constant and variable amplitude loading
G. Marquis, T. Nykänen, T. Björk

Crack initiation and path prediction of float glass with various constrain conditions under thermal loading
Q. S. Wang, Y. Wang, J. H. Sun, L. H. He


Crack paths in cold drawn pearlitic steel subjected to fatigue and fracture
J. Toribio, B. González, J.C. Matos

Simulation of crack propagation in thermal barrier coatings
M. Bäker


Crack paths in weld details under combined normal and shear loading
Y. Sumi

Competition of failure modes under in-phase and out-of-phase loading in a gear steel
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, K. Valiullin


Crack stability aspects and crack growth habits in single crystals
Y. Katz

Scale effects in nano-indentation fracture of brittle ceramics arising from crack-microstructure interactions
N. Payraudeau, K.U. O’Kelly


Influence of stress ratio R on the fatigue strength and fatigue crack path in metal materials
G.V. Klevtsov, N.A. Klevtsova

Influence of local stress condition on the micromechanism of crack propagation in metal materials under single loading conditions
N.A. Klevtsova


Numerical analysis of crack initiation and propagation behaviors in TP-650 titanium matrix composites
W.D. Song, J.G. Ning, X.N. Mao

Lifetime prediction of an expander impeller using 3-D mixed-mode crack propagation algorithm
K. Molla-Abbasi, D. Anding, K. Ziegler


Fatigue crack propagation life calculation in welded joints
A. Al Mukhtar, H. Biermann, P. Hübner, S. Henkel

A discussion on major factors affecting crack path of concrete-to-concrete interfacial surfaces
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama


Influence of the loading path on fatigue crack growth under non-proportional mixed-mode loading
V. Doquet, M. Abbadi, Q.H. Bui, A. Pons

Thermal variations in static tests on plastics: a first approach to the fatigue parameters analysis
C. Clienti, G. Fargione, G. La Rosa, A. Risitano, G. Risitano


A general weight function for inclined kinked cracks in a semi-plane
M. Beghini, M. Benedetti, V. Fontanari, B.D. Monelli

Non-local method in fatigue life assessment using critical plane concept
A. Karolczuk, A. Cichanski


Fatigue crack initiation and propagation in superalloy IN 713LC
L. Kunz, P. Lukáš, R. Koneèná

Modeling the mechanics of intergranular crack propagation
A. Stoll, A.J. Wilkinson


Load separation method in plastic J-integral estimation for inclined cracks
Yu.G. Matvienko, E.L. Muravin

Fatigue crack path through cast Al-Si alloy microstructure
R. Koneèná, S. Fintová, G. Nicoletto


Crack path in turbine blades for transition from very- to high -cycle-fatigue regime
A.A. Shanyavskiy

Subsurface short cracks path in Ti-6Al-3Mo-0.4Si Ti-alloy
A.A. Shanyavskiy, M.D. Banov


Crack path of in-service failed titanium compressor disks in high- and low-cycle-fatigue regime
A.A. Shanyavskiy, Yu.A. Potapenko

Stresses and crack tip stress intensity factors around spherical and cylindrical voids and inclusions of differing elastic properties and with misfit sizes
P.C. Paris, T. Palin-Luc, H. Tada, N. Saintier


Observations of exceptional fatigue crack growth behaviour in friction stir welded aluminium
H.J.K. Lemmen, R.C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus


Influence of time-dependent processes on intergranular crack path in 2XXX Aluminium alloys
G. Hénaff, F. Menan, G. Odemer


High cycle fatigue crack paths in C35 steel under complex loading
Q.H. Vu, Y. Nadot, D. Halm

Mechanism of fish-eye formation in the gigacycle fatigue
Z. Huang, W.W. Du, D. Wagner, C. Bathias


Smart stress-memory patch sensor for fatigue damage of a single steel bar JIS G 3502 – galvanized wire – JSS II 11 – 1994
M. Enoki, Y. Fujino, E. Sorrivi, S. Takayuki, E. Viola

Fatigue crack paths in AA2024-T3 and AA7050-T7451 treatment when loaded with simple underloads spectra
M. Krkoska, S.A. Barter, R.C. Alderliesten, P. White, R. Benedictus


The frustrating tearing of adhesive films
B. Roman, E. Hamm, E. Cerda, P.M. Reis

An experimental investigation of the crack growth under proportional and non proportional fatigue loading
P. Zerres, J. Brüning, M. Vormwald


Approach on the problem of crack path stability of DCDC test specimen
D.A. Zacharopoulos, F.Th. Givannaki

Crack growth rates for microstructurally short fatigue cracks
P. Hansson, S. Melin


Numerical investigations on the influence of 3D frictional crack surface interaction
W. Weber, K. Willner, P. Steinmann, G. Kuhn

Near-threshold propagation of Mode II and Mode III cracks
L. Holáň, R. Pippan, J. Pokluda, J. Horníková, A. Hohenwarter, K. Slámečka


Damaging and cracks path in bended galvanized specimens: influence of Pb and Sn contents
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, S. Natali

Crack path in torsion loading in very high cycle fatigue regime
H.Q. Xue, C. Bathias


Crack propagation in low temperature co-fired ceramics under biaxial loading
R. Bermejo, I. Kraleva, R. Morrell, F. Aldrian, P. Supancic, R. Danzer

Limitations of KII - criterion for crack-path computation in ceramics
T. Fett, S. Fünfschilling, R. Oberacker, M.J. Hoffmann, M. Lengauer, R. Bermejo, R. Danzer


Fatigue crack inititiation and growth on a steel in the gigacycle regime with sea water corrosion
T. Palin-Luc, R. Perez Mora, C. Bathias, G. Dominguez, P.C. Paris, J.L. Arana

Cohesive element model for simulation of crack growth in composite materials
M. Prechtel, P. Leiva Ronda, R. Janisch, G. Leugering, A. Hartmaier, P. Steinmann


Use of femtosecond laser spectroscopy for micro-crack analysis
W. Wessel, A. Brückner-Foit, J. Mildner, L. Englert, L. Haag, A. Horn, T. Baumert

Crack path analysis based on a variational principle
E.M. Morozov, Yu.G. Matvienko


FEA and experimental study of crack paths in 2198-T8 offset hole SE(T) plates with FSW jointed pad-up under fatigue load
Yu.E. Ma, P.E. Irving

Growth path of small surface-cracks in ultrafine grained copper under cyclic loading
M. Goto, Y. Ando, S.Z. Han, T. Yakushiji, N. Kawagoishi


Detection of damage in beams utilising the principle of strain compatibility
S.J. Wildy, A.G. Kotousov, B. Cazzolato

A study of cortical bone microdamage and crack morphology utilising confocal microscopy and sequential labelling
J. Codrington, J. Kuliwaba, K. Zarrinkalam, N. Fazzalari


Theoretical prediction of the overload cycle effect on fatigue crack growth in plates of finite thickness
J. Codrington, A. Kotousov

A micromechanical damage model of ceramic for shock loading
H.L. Ren, J.G. Ning


Crack growth in a high loaded bolted bar connection
S. Glodež, M. Knez, J. Kramberger

Fatigue damage evolution in graded materials
F. Zeismann, M. Besel, A. Brückner-Foit


Efficient finite element modeling of the static collapse of complex bonded structures
D. Castagnetti, A. Spaggiari, E. Dragoni

Numerical simulation of crack paths in materials with a functional gradation perpendicular to the crack orientation
M. Fulland, M. Steigemann, H.A. Richard, M. Specovius-Neugebauer


Can we describe kinetics of fatigue crack growth without influence of R-ratio
M. Szata, G. Lesiuk

A fracture initiation direction influenced by an orthotropic bi-material notch
J. Klusak, T. Profant, M. Kotoul


A transversal crack in a steel slab and its analysis
K. Stransky, F. Kavicka, J. Dobrovska, J. Stetina, B. Sekanina

Photoelastic analysis of crack tip shielding after an overload
C. Colombo, E.A. Patterson, L. Vergani


The influence of constraint level on crack path
M. Sevcik, P. Hutar, L. Nahlik, S. Seitl

Crack paths in functionally graded materials
M. Steigemann, M. Fulland, M. Specovius-Neugebauer, H.A. Richard


On rolling contact fatigue of gear steels with different inclusion content
G. Donzella, M. Faccoli, A. Mazzù, C. Petrogalli, H. Desimone

Fatigue crack growth and failure on a composite helicopter main rotor hub: experimental and numerical investigation
F. Viganò, A. Manes, M. Giglio


Prediction of the growth rate and propagation direction of fatigue cracks with the configurational forces model
J. Predan, N. Gubeljak, F.D. Fischer, O. Kolednik

A study on the nucleation and evolution of hydrogen induced cracking in pipeline steel
E.M. Lazcano-Ugalde, J.L. Gonzalez-Velazquez, A.J. Morales-Ramirez


Simulation of short crack propagation in a microstructure using a hybrid boundary element technique
M. Kübbeler, I. Roth, U. Krupp, C.-P. Fritzen, H.-J. Christ

Spiral crack path in thin sheets
V. Romero, B. Roman, E. Cerda


Crack growth trajectories under mixed mode and biaxial fracture
V.N. Shlyannikov

Method for efficient optical crack path observation and deformation measurement and its usage
S. Henkel, H. Biermann, P. Hübner


Mechanical and fracture properties of thermal barrier coatings fabricated using slurry spray technique
P. Nguyen, S.Y. Ho, A. Kotousov

Crack growth behavior in plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings
S. Zhu, Z. Chen, L. Qian


Role of the T-stress on the kink of a crack out of an interface
D. Leguillon, S. Murer

Some issues in the application of the frictional cohesive crack model to dam-foundation joint
F. Barpi, S. Valente


In situ monitoring of the crack path in a Ti/SiC metal matrix composite
P. Lopez-Crespo, A. Kyrieleis, F.A. Garcia-Pastor, M. Peel, P.J. Withers

Probabilistic modelling of concrete cracking. First 3D results.
S. Dal Pont, J.-L. Tailhan, P. Rossi


Crack and damage evaluation in low-k interconnect structures under chip package interaction aspects
J. Auersperg, D. Vogel, M.U. Lehr, M. Grillberger, B. Michel

Effect of residual stresses and their redistribution on the fatigue crack growth in cold-worked holes
S. Pasta, G. Virzì Mariotti


Fractographic studies of fatigue cracks under pure Mode II loading
A. Hohenwarter, R. Pippan

Modelling residual strength of friction stir welded panels by means of crack tip opening angle (CTOA)
A. Pirondi


Solidifying ceramics EUCOR and its tendency to the cracks and fractures
K. Stransky, J. Dobrovska, F. Kavicka, B. Sekanina, J. Stetina

A weight function method to predict mode I stress intensity factors of multiple cracks
M.S. Abdul Manan, F.P. Brennan


Microstructure-crack tip interactions in P/M superalloy material at elevated temperatures
H. Ghonem

Accounting for cohesive process zones in discrete crack path prediction
C. Netzker, M. Kaliske, G. Geissler


Crack path instability in aluminium lithium alloys
Y.H. Tai, D.T. Asquith, J.R. Yates

Influence of discrete residual stress fields on fracture toughness
D.T. Asquith, Y.H. Tai, J.R. Yates


Crack initiation and propagation on AISI-SAE stainless steel 304 under rotating bending fatigue tests and close to elastic limit
G.M. Dominguez Almaraz, V.H. Mercado Lemus, M.L. Mondragon Sanchez

Damage mechanics of bonded joints in composite material under fatigue loading
G. Meneghetti, M. Quaresimin, M. Ricotta


Numerical investigation of constraint effects on fatigue crack propagation
I. Varfolomeev, S. Moroz

Stress field expressions useful to the analysis of crack initiation and early propagation phases in notched shafts under torsion
M. Zappalorto, S. Filippi, P. Lazzarin


Brittle failure and crack initiation angle in plates weakened by V- and U-notches under mixed mode (I+II) loading
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin, M. Elices, F.J. Gomez

Experimental and numerical study of fatigue crack growth in notched specimens
G. Meneghetti, M. Zappalorto, P. Lazzarin


Crack path predictions in Ni-based superalloy plates using coupled nonlocal damage-plasticity
J.P. Belnoue, G.D. Nguyen, A.M. Korsunsky

Fatigue crack propagation in new generation steels for plastic moulds
D. Firrao, P. Matteis, B. Rivolta, R. Gerosa, A. Ghidini


Crack propagation behavior of SCM440H low alloy steel enhanced by hydrogen under long-term varying load and static load
Y. Kondo, M. Kubota, K. Shimada

Numerical analysis of 3D subsurface crack propagation in large slewing bearing
R. Potocnik, J. Flašker, S. Glodež


Crack propagation in laminar ceramics
L. Nahlik, L. Sestakova, P. Hutar

Experimental analysis of the fatigue strength of a tubular welded joint adopted in a roller coaster structure
B. Atzori, G. Manara, G. Meneghetti


Mixed mode crack path investigation in a limestone rock using two circular shape samples –An experimental and theoretical study
M.R.M. Aliha, M.R. Ayatollahi, D.J. Smith, M.J. Pavier

On a numerical scheme for curved crack propagation based on configurational forces and maximum dissipation
H. Schütte


Branching of a dissolution driven stress corrosion crack
C. Bjerken

Selected approaches to probabilistic assessment of fatigue crack growth in metallic materials with fairly reduced homogeneity
I. Èerný


FEM simulation of fatigue damage crack nucleation and growth in a pre-damaged material
I.K. Korolev, A.B. Freidin, S.V. Petinov

Environmentally assisted cracking paths in cold drawn pearlitic steel
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero


Comparison of DBEM and FEM crack path predictions with experimental findings in a notched shaft under torsion
R. Citarella, D. Bremberg, F.-G. Buchholz

Stress intensity factors in three-dimensional planar cracks subjected to uniform tensile stress
P. Livieri, F. Segala

A sub-laminate based damage model to simulate initiation and growth of cracks in laminated composites
A. Forghani, R. Vaziri, A. Poursartip, F. Ellyin


Application of subsurface stress/strain fatigue life approach to contact components under cyclic bending loads
G. Shatil

Multiscale material design and crack path prediction of a cementitious cover layer with high toughness
L.-P. Guo, W. Sun, Andrea Carpinteri, A. Spagnoli, Q.-Y. Cao

Comprehensive evaluation of crack resistance for dam concrete based on temperature stress testing machine
B. Chen, Y.B. Cai, J.T. Ding, W. Sun, N.N. Shi, B. Dong

Crack path prediction in brittle solids by a new discontinuous-like FE approach
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori

Tensile cracking behaviour of strain-hardening cement-based composites using a micromechanical lattice model
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori

Effect of cold-drawing process on fatigue behaviour of V-shaped notched round bars
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori