No 25

July 2013

Table of Contents


Characterisation of crack tip fields under non-uniform fatigue loading PDF
D. Nowell, M.E. Kartal, P.F.P. de Matos Pages 1-6
Crack propagation mechanism and life prediction for very-highcycle fatigue of a structural steel in different environmental medias PDF
Guian Qian, Chengen Zhou, Youshi Hong Pages 7-14
Combining experimental and numerical analysis to estimate stress fields along the surface crack front PDF
A.S. Chernyatin, Yu.G. Matvienko, I.A. Razumovsky Pages 15-19
Determination of fracture mechanics parameters on a base of local displacement measurements PDF
Yu. G. Matvienko, V.S. Pisarev, S. I. Eleonsky Pages 20-26
Sharp contact corners, fretting and cracks PDF
D. A. Hills, R. C. Flicek, D. Dini Pages 27-35
Subsurface metals fatigue cracking without and with crack tip PDF
Andrey Shanyavskiy Pages 36-43
Near tip strain evolution under cyclic loading PDF
J. Tong, Y.-W. Lu, B. Lin, Y. H. Tai, J.R. Yates Pages 44-49
In situ 3D characterization of fatigue cracks displacement fields PDF
Joel Lachambre, Jean-Yves Buffiere, Julien Réthoré, Arnaud Weck Pages 50-53
Effect of crack propagation on crack tip fields PDF
F.V. Antunes, A.G. Chegini, L.M. Correia, A.L. Ramalho Pages 54-60
Recent developments in multi-parametric three-dimensional stress field representation in plates weakened by cracks and notches PDF
P. Lazzarin, M. Zappalorto, F. Berto Pages 61-68
Multi-parameter crack tip stress state description for estimation of fracture process zone extent in silicate composite WST specimens PDF
Václav Veselý, Jakub Sobek, Lucie Šestáková, Petr Frantík, Stanislav Seitl Pages 69-78
Is notch sensitivity a stress analysis problem? PDF
Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro Pages 79-86
Gradient enriched linear-elastic crack tip stresses to estimate the static strength of cracked engineering ceramics PDF
Harm Askes, Luca Susmel Pages 87-93
On a kinked crack model to describe the influence of material microstructure on fatigue crack growth PDF
Andrea Spagnoli, Andrea Carpinteri, Sabrina Vantadori Pages 94-101
Pearlitic ductile cast iron: damaging micromechanisms at crack tip PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, A. Rossi, M. Cavallini Pages 102-108
Application of thermoelastic stress analysis for the experimental evaluation of the effective stress intensity factor PDF
Francisco A. Díaz, Eann A. Patterson, John R. Yates Pages 109-116
On numerical integration for effective stress assessment at notches PDF
Enrico Maggiolini, Paolo Livieri, Roberto Tovo Pages 117-123
Plastic zone evolution near a crack tip and its role in environmentally assisted cracking PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin Pages 124-129
Role of plasticity-induced crack closure in fatigue crack growth PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin Pages 130-137
Initiation and growth behavior of very-long microstructurally short fatigue cracks PDF
P. Lorenzino, A. Navarro Pages 138-144
High magnification crack-tip field characterisation under biaxial conditions PDF
B. Moreno, P. Lopez-Crespo, J. Zapatero Pages 145-152
Study of overload effects in bainitic steel by synchrotron X-ray diffraction PDF
P. Lopez-Crespo, P.J. Withers, J. R. Yates, A. Steuwer, T. Buslaps, Y. H. Tai Pages 153-160
Extension of the CJP model to mixed mode I and mode II PDF
C. J. Christopher, G. Laboviciute, M. N. James, E. A. Patterson Pages 161-166

ISSN: 19718993