No 26

October 2013

Table of Contents


Investigation via morphological analysis of aluminium foams produced by replication casting PDF
A. Boschetto, L. Bottini, F. Campana, L. Consorti, D. Pilone Pages 1-11
Graphite nodules features identifications and damaging micromechanims in ductile irons PDF
Alberto De Santis, Daniela Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesco Iacoviello Pages 12-21
An experimental study on flexural strength enhancement of concrete by means of small steel fibers PDF
Abdoullah Namdar, Ideris Bin Zakaria, Azimah Bt Hazeli, Sayed Javid Azimi, Abdul Syukor Bin Abd. Razak, G. S. Gopalakrishna Pages 22-30
Strength on cut edge and ground edge glass beams with the failure analysis method PDF
Stefano Agnetti Pages 31-40
Failure of steam line causes determined by NDT testing in power and heating plants PDF
Srdjan Bulatovic, Vujadin Aleksic, Ljubica Milovic Pages 41-48
Comparison between dog-bone and Gaussian specimens for size effect evaluation in gigacycle fatigue PDF
A. Tridello, D.S. Paolino, G. Chiandussi, M. Rossetto Pages 49-56
About the certification of railway rails PDF
A. De Iorio, M. Grasso, F. Penta, G.P. Pucillo Pages 57-68
A four-parameters model for fatigue crack growth data analysis PDF
M. Grasso, F. Penta, P. Pinto, G.P. Pucillo Pages 69-79
Mode I Stress Intensity Factors for triangular corner crack nearby intersecting of cylindrical holes PDF
E. Salvati, P. Livieri, R. Tovo Pages 80-91
Coupled FEM-DBEM method to assess crack growth in magnet system of Wendelstein 7-X PDF
R. Citarella, M. Lepore, Joris Fellinger, Victor Bykov, Felix Schauer Pages 92-103
Crack of a helicopter main rotor actuator attachment: failure analysis and lessons learned PDF
L. Allegrucci, F. De Paolis, A. Coletta, M. Bernabei Pages 104-122
High temperature initiation and propagation of cracks in 12%Cr-steel turbine disks PDF
S. Foletti, A. Lo Conte, S. Salgarollo, F. Bassi, A. Riva Pages 123-131
Behaviour of a speargun with a novel muzzle Comportamento di un fucile subacqueo con testata innovativa PDF
T. Ingrassia, M. Mucera, V. Nigrelli Pages 132-142
Fatigue characterization of mechanical components in service PDF
G. Fargione, D. Tringale, E. Guglielmino, G. Risitano Pages 143-155

ISSN: 19718993