No 24

April 2013

Table of Contents


Relay-race deformation mechanism during uniaxial tension of cylindrical samples of carbon steel: using digital image correlation technique PDF
T.V. Tretiakova, V.E. Vildeman Pages 1-6
The healing of damage after the plastic deformation of metals PDF
S.V. Smirnov Pages 7-12
Fatigue crack propagation in turbine disks of EI698 superalloy PDF
A.A. Shanyavskiy Pages 13-25
Development of a formalism of movable cellular automaton method for numerical modeling of fracture of heterogeneous elastic-plastic materials PDF
S. Psakhie, E. Shilko, A. Smolin, S. Astafurov, V. Ovcharenko Pages 26-59
Fractal statistics of brittle fragmentation PDF
M. Davydova, S. Uvarov Pages 60-68
Optimization of fractional composition of the excipient in the elastomeric covering for asphalt highways PDF
E.M. Nurullaev, A. S. Ermilov Pages 69-74
Multiscale approach to description of deformation and fracture of brittle media with hierarchical porous structure on the basis of movable cellular automaton method PDF
Ig. S. Konovalenko, A. Yu. Smolin,, S. G. Psakhie Pages 75-80
A study of the stored energy in titanium under deformation and failure using infrared data PDF
A.Yu. Fedorova, M.V. Bannikov, O.A. Plekhov Pages 81-88
Research of the effectiveness of mechanical testing methods with analysis of features of destructions and temperature effects PDF
A.V. Babushkin, D.S. Lobanov, A.V. Kozlova, I.D. Morev Pages 89-95
Tests in tension-torsion conditions with descending sections of strain curve construction PDF
M.P. Tretiakov, V.E. Vildeman Pages 96-101
Study of the conditions of fracture at explosive compaction of powders PDF
Andrey E. Buzyurkin, Evgeny I. Kraus, Yaroslav L. Lukyanov Pages 96-111
Temporal peculiarities of brittle fracture of rocks and concrete PDF
Y. Petrov, I. Smirnov, A. Evstifeev, N. Selyutina Pages 112-118
The failure criterion based on hydrogen distribution ahead of the fatigue crack tip PDF
Yu. G. Matvienko Pages 119-126
The numerical simulation of ceramic composites failure at axial compression PDF
P.V. Makarov, M.O. Eremin Pages 127-137
Impact loading of a space nuclear powerplant PDF
Evgeny I. Kraus, Ivan I. Shabalin Pages 138-150
Effect of weld parameter on mechanical and metallurgical properties of dissimilar joints AA6082–AA6061 in T6 condition produced by FSW PDF
H. S. Patil, S. N. Soman Pages 151-160
A consistent use of the Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman damage model for the R-curve calculation PDF
Gabriele Cricrì Pages 161-174

ISSN: 19718993