No 23

January 2013

Table of Contents


On the preparation and characterization of thin NiTi shape memory alloy wires for MEMS PDF
Riccardo Casati, Maurizio Vedani, Syed A. M. Tofail, Calum Dikinson, Ausonio Tuissi Pages 7-12
Fracture mechanics of pseudoelastic NiTi alloys: review of the research activities carried out at University of Calabria PDF
C. Maletta, F. Furgiuele, E. Sgambitterra Pages 13-24
Functional fatigue of NiTi Shape Memory wires for a range of end loadings and constraints PDF
G. Scirè Mammano, E. Dragoni Pages 14-33
Application of martensitic SMA alloys as passive dampers of GFRP laminated composites PDF
M. Bocciolone, M. Carnevale, A. Collina, N. Lecis, A. Lo Conte, B. Previtali, C.A. Biffi, P. Bassani, A. Tuissi Pages 34-46
Compliant actuation based on dielectric elastomers for a force-feedback device: modeling and experimental evaluation PDF
R. Vertechy, M. Bergamasco, G. Berselli, V. Parenti Castelli, G. Vassura Pages 47-56
Properties and applications of Magnetorheological fluids PDF
A. Spaggiari Pages 48-61
A magnetorheological clutch for efficient automotive auxiliary device actuation PDF
F. Bucchi, P. Forte, F. Frendo, R. Squarcini Pages 62-74
Effect of pressure on the physical properties of magnetorheological fluids PDF
A. Spaggiari, E. Dragoni Pages 75-86
Design and characterization of a fractal-inspired multi-frequency piezoelectric energy converter PDF
Davide Castagnetti Pages 87-93
Electro-mechanical coupled design of self-powered sensing systems and performances comparison through experiments PDF
A. Somà, G. B. De Pasquale Pages 94-102
A numerical study of squeeze-film damping in MEMS-based structures including rarefaction effects PDF
Maria F. Pantano, Leonardo Pagnotta, Salvatore Nigro Pages 103-113
Experimental methods for the characterization of fatigue in microstructures PDF
G. De Pasquale, A. Somà Pages 114-126
Wear surface damage of a Stainless Steel EN 3358 aeronautical component subjected to sliding PDF
Ferdinando Felli, Andrea Brotzu, Cristian Vendittozzi, Antonio Paolozzi, Francesco Passeggio Pages 127-135

ISSN: 19718993