No 14

October 2010

Table of Contents


Notiziario PDF (Italiano)
F. Iacoviello pages 93-108


The interface between metallurgy and mechanics in material performance PDF
M. N. James, M. Newby pages 5-16
Influence of mean stress on the fatigue strength of ASTM A743 CA6NM alloy steel PDF
B. Lobato da Silva, J. L. de Almeida Ferreira, F. Oliveira, J. A. Araújo pages 17-26
Analysis of crack-tip plastic zone in a Compact Tensile Shear (CTS) Specimen PDF
C.M. Sharanaprabhu, S.K. Kudari pages 27-35
High-cycle notch sensitivity of alloy steel ASTM A743 CA6NM used in hydrogenator turbine components PDF
B. Lobato da Silva, J. L. de Almeida Ferreira, José Alexander Araújo pages 36-44
Numerical study of fracture arrest on snow cover PDF
B. M. Chiaia, B. Frigo pages 45-51
Influence of dipping time on cracking during bending of hot dip galvanized coatings with Sn and Ti contents PDF
V. Di Cocco, L. Zortea pages 52-63
Microstructural characterisation related to hot tearing of Al-Cu sand mould castings PDF
M. Merlin pages 64-74
Liquefaction mathematical analysis for improvement structures stability PDF
A. Namdar, A. K. Pelko, A. Nusrath pages 76-80
The way the mistery of the Mattei’s case was solved PDF
D. Firrao, G. Ubertalli, P. Matteis, C. Pozzi pages 81-92

ISSN: 19718993