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General Papers

Modelling of the mechanical behaviour and fracture processes of the PVDF PDF
M. Challier, J. Besson, S. Cantournet, L. Laiarinandrasana, R. Piques, R. G. Hochstetter, S. Pignoc
A cohesive zone model with Barenblatt surface energy :theoretical considerations and numerical simulations PDF
J. Laverne, E. Lorentz, J.-J. Marigo.
A fracture mechanics approach for the crack growth in welded joints with reference to bs 7910 PDF
P. Darcis, D. Santarosa, N. Recho, T. Lassen.
A new approach for crack growth life of an elastomeric material PDF
F. Lacroix, A. Tougut, N. R. Neelakantan and N. Ranganathan.
An experimental and analytical study of crack growth retardation in a structural steel PDF
F. Darwish, M. Pereira, M. Lopes, A. Camarão, S. Motta.
An instability analysis for a crack growth situation based on the common format PDF
J.R. Donoso, J. D. Landes.
Crack tip stress fields for anisotropic materials with cubic symmetry PDF
D .E. Lempidaki, N. P. O'Dowd, E. P. Busso.
Determination of local approach parameters on the basis of the 'eurocurve' fracture toughness round-robin results PDF
A. Laukkanen, K. Wallin.
Estimation of fatigue life improvement for ultrasonic impact treated welded joints PDF
V.-M. Lihavainen, G. Marquis.
Fatigue life of two steels under combined bending with torsion- an approach including non-local strain energy density parameter PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha, M. Kohut.
Fracture mechanics for membranes PDF
C. Li, R. Espinosa, P. Ståhle.
High cycle fatigue of an orthorhombic Ti-22Al-25Nb intermetallic alloy PDF
S. Q Li, Y. J. Cheng, J. W. Zhang, X. B. Liang.
Influence of microstructural parameters on the fatigue crack initiation in a two phase - metastable titanium alloy PDF
A. Lenain, P. J. Jacques.
Mean value influence in fatigue - on the rational choice of model complexity PDF
D. Lassance, M. Schmitz, F. Delannay, T. Pardoen.
Modelling of cohesive stresses in a plastic zone around the crack tips in a a strain-hardening material PDF
R. Lillbacka, E. Johnson, M. Ekh, K. Runesson.
On the sharp bend in the S-N curve of the AZ31 extruded magnesium alloy PDF
G. Lacroix, Q. Furnémont, T. Pardoen, P. J. Jacques.
Optimising energy input for fracture by analysis of the energy required to initate dynamaic mode I crack growth PDF
U. Muehlich, J. R. Donoso, J. D. Landes.
Self-crack-healing behavior and fracture strength of Al2O3/SiC composites at the high temperature PDF
O.-S. Lee, D.-H. Kim.
Strength and deformation of a thin polycrystalline film on a substrate: dislocation density analysis PDF
M. Kohut, T. Lagoda.
The change of the local crack driving force in an under-match welded joint PDF
K.-J. Kurzydlowski, H. Nykyforchyn, E. Lunarska, O. Tsyrulnyk, L. Ciupinski