Digital Repository, ECF15, Stockolm 2004

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Modelling and experimental verification of delamination crack growth in an air-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating
H. Brodin, M. Jinnestrand, M. Jinnestrand, S. Sjöström, S. Sjöström

Last modified: 2013-02-08


A model for thermal barrier coating (TBC) fatigue life is presented. The model is based onthe growth of delamination cracks in or near the top coat/bond coat interface, governed by aParis-like law. In parallel with the calculations a test series has been run in order to show theactual coating fatigue behaviour. Test results are compared with those from the modellingwork. The tests reveal that interface cracks initiate already after 100 cycles and continue togrow. Upon further cycling the interface cracks tend to kink out into the ceramic top coat. Itwas observed that the crack growth retards during later stages of the process, independent onwhether an interface crack or an interface-near kink crack is considered.

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